Homeschooling in Jacksonville, NC
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    Default Homeschooling in Jacksonville, NC

    Hi, I have finally taken the time to post here but have been using time 4 learning for about 6 months and am loving it. It is making my job so much easier as I have two boys 15 and 17 and they are working on such different subjects it is nice that someone else is doing the teaching and I am doing the observing and overseeing. It is amazing how much is being taught in each class, but it is impressive how much they are retaining of the information. I think it is probably because of the format that each class is taught; it makes learning fun for them.
    I look forward to hearing from others.

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    Smile Also in the 'ville

    I just started home schooling my 16 year old today. I don't remember ever being this out of sorts in front of a class of 24. After being out of the class for 4 years, it is impossible for me to decipher the standard course of study. so I started time4learning today. That's really all I wanted to say. I just wanted you to know you aren't the only one in town using this.

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    Welcome! I have a 5 year old little girl who completed Kindergarten in half the school year and is now moved up to first grade! She is doing great and it sounds like your boys are too! Enjoy the homeschooling journey!
    Rick Von Linsowe, MS
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    Homeschooling Dad of one 1st grade Princess

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    Default also in jacksonville

    My boys are 13 and 14. They are going to start homeschooling next year. I am looking at this curriculum. It looks really good. Does it require a lot of pen and paper? My 13 year old has a learning disability and can't really write, he does everything on the computer. What do y'all do about electives to meet graduation requirements like a foreign language?

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