January 22 - Lamp at Our Feet Academy
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    Question January 22 - Lamp at Our Feet Academy

    My wife and I livein the Lake Norman area (Mooresville) NC and have decided on taking the very bigstep to home school our First Grade daughter.

    We have taken thefirst step by registering with the State of NC, but have questions concerningtesting.

    If there are anyveteran home school parents on this forum could you please help us in twoareas?

    1. How does end of year testing work?
    2. Any good groups in the Lake Norman / Mooresville area that we could get involved with to socialize our daughter and sharing learning opportunities with.

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    Hello! Welcome to the forum and welcome to homeschooling!

    End of the year testing. NC requires that you administer a standardized test each year. It can be the test of your choosing (CAT, Iowa, etc.) and be given at the time of the year you choose (we do our in May). It can be paper or electronic. You don't have to submit your child's test scores to NC. You do need to keep them on file.

    Mooresville groups: That I'm not too sure of. You can ask here on the forum (like you already have), but I don't think you'll get much of a response. I would suggest googling it to see what you come up with.

    I'd love to answer any additional questions if you have them. The state forums can be a little quiet, but you should check out the other forums here on T4L as well.
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