Looking To Connect To Other Parents
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    Default Looking To Connect To Other Parents

    Hello all!

    We are new to the area, sort of. My girlfriend has spent most of her life in NC, we just moved her last August. My girlfriend, her 14 year old daughter, and I Moved here this August from Washington, DC. We are homeschooling her for 8th grade to spare her having to be in 3 different middle schools. Also, my girlfriend, who ultimately ended up at an ivy league law school, was home schooled most of her youth and is very for it.

    So, here is our deal, we live in Raleigh, NC. We are looking for others with children close to her age, younger or older, who would like to meet up?

    We spent the first half of this year following leads on things for her to do that never came to fruition.

    What we would like ultimately is some event or events where she could be around kids her own age, but not in a very low-stress capacity. Just to make friends. Sports, music lessons, etc., while good ways to make friends, are not necessarily conducive to maximum time to just be social. For example, we were trying to just find homeschooling field trip club? That would be perfect, but we cant find anyone in our area doing that?

    Anything doing something like that, would like to organize something like that, or someone who just wants to meet up somewhere and do something with their kids, would be really great.

    Please let me know! You can email me through here or via [email protected]

    Happy to be on this forum and to be apart of this community!

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    Default Re: Looking To Connect To Other Parents

    I'm not in your area, but wanted to say welcome!

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