Looking for home school program in New Bern
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    Question Looking for home school program in New Bern

    My son will start kindergarten and I really don't want to put him in the public school he is assigned to. Can anyone tell me what public homeschool programs are available for New Bern and any advice? Thanks

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    I'm not entirely sure of your question. Are you asking how to homeschool your son? If so, you just start homeschooling him. In North Carolina, you don't have to notify the state that you are homeschooling until your child is 7. So, you wouldn't need to register him for school or send him, just homeschool him at home. I'd love to answer any more specific questions you may have!
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    Default Homeschooling in Craven County

    We have and are currently homeschooling in Craven County. Did you check into the program at Temple Baptist? They have a co op. I am also part of a small group in Havelock.
    M Clark

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    Default Home school for my 5year old

    I have a 5 year old son, who is in kindergarten and is having some difficulties.I want to know if there is someone who may be willing to home school my child and how can I find someone who may be willing to?

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    Question Thinking of Home Schooling for my 6th Grader

    We are new to New Bern and I am considering doing home school. I would greatly appreciate any advice you can give to get us started.

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