New Home School Mom in North Carolina
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    Hello Everyone,

    I am starting tomorrow with my son who is 11, he has autism. He started hating school last year and we could not figure out why, he loved it so much before that. We recently moved and when talking to the new school special Ed teachers, they felt the old school had held Caleb back. I was so upset to tears; I prided myself in being very involved with his education in public school. But, found that things were not done correctly and he should have been main streamed when he was younger, which I requested many times.

    So, now that my son is 11, and on a second grade level, I have decided to home school him. I am very scared, and don't want to fail him, I have hopes of getting him caught up and make him enjoy learning again. I have been given so much encouragement by the county here in NC, and they feel like its a good choice, that the autistic class room he was in was probably a bad choice because he is high functioning and the classroom was full of distractions and caused him not to be able to focus.

    So here I am on a new adventure with my son, in hopes that I am going to help him because a success in school to prepare him for his adult life...

    I will take all the help..


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    I'm so sorry to hear about everything you and your son are going through. Your fears in starting homeschooling are common and even seasoned homeschool moms have fears of failing their children. You have made such a big decision to homeschool and provide him with what you feel is the best education for him so you're already doing great! My advice is to just take it slowly. You don't need to "catch him up" right away. Go slow, do fun stuff, and help him fall in love with learning again. Find a support group, homeschool co-op, local activities or something of the sort if you're looking for additional encouragement. Check out Time4Learning's facebook page and the many other homeschooling resources available online.

    You can do it!!
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