New to Home Schooling in Charlotte NC
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    Default New to Home Schooling in Charlotte NC

    I started homeschooling my two children ages 12,10. They are signed up Time4Learning and it has been ok. My 7th grader daughter is doing fine, but my 10 years old boy who is autistic need extra help. I am very frustrated not be able to spend enough time with him to read and help him write bc I have 14 months old baby.

    My questions are:

    1. What are some of the affordable activities I can bring my kids to and learn at the same time?

    2. Is there a home-schooler group in Charlotte? And is there free workshop for parent who home-school their kids?

    3. What kind of test can I order for my high function autistic child who is 4th grader?

    Please feel free to give me any suggestions about home schooling my children.



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    Default good news

    Hi Dee

    I am new to NC but not new to homeschooling. Before we moved to Hamlet, I researched homeschool groups in NC. There are MANY around where you are. Get on the computer and find them!! You really need some good support to help you get everything going smoothly. You have your hands full right now but it could all be so much better in a few months!! Don't give up! No matter who you are you are going to have good days and bad days with your kids being home. I feel like I have had many successes while schooling at home, as well as many failures. But knowing that I have tried REALLY hard helps me sleep at night

    You're in my prayers. Keep going and FIND THOSE OTHER HOMESCHOOLERS!!


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    Default homeschooling

    Hi, have you tried the, "UNIQUE" curriculum? I have been using it. I am still evaluating it but, so far it has been working well.

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