New to home schooling and need help.
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    Default New to home schooling and need help.

    I started homeschooling my 11 yr. old daughter this December. She has always done well in school, but we did notice in about 4th grade she was beginning to struggle. She has ADHD and a learning disability called dysgraphia. If you are familiar with dysgraphia it would explain why her struggles started to show in 4th grade. Since she was in pre K I could tell something was different about her writing. Her work compared to her peers was always so messy and she was still reversing letters and numbers in 3rd grade. Every year I would express my concerns, but her grades were good and she had very strong reading comprehension skills. She was able to be in the AG program up to 3rd grade. However, when it came EOG time those strong reading skills did not pay off. Therefor, she was no longer part of the AG program etc. This is when she started to notice she was different. Not to mention other kids would comment on how sloppy her work was. I don't think some people understand just how hard it is to deal with dysgraphia. She does not take notes well, can't line up math problems correctly, struggles with written expression, BUT is so intelligent!! It is really hard to have all this information up there but can't get it out on paper. That is her only set back. This small set back made middle school almost impossible. Her 1st report card she failed math (1st failing grade ever). 79 SS, 78 Science, 93 language arts. It was hard to understand why she would fail math when she understood everything she would bring home. But would make careless errors on test partially due to the dysgraphia. I could see her self-confidence suffering. She hated school and begged to be homeschooled. We registered for an online curriculum which has not worked out. She is part of a co-op group on Mondays where she takes Art, Geography, and Literature. Basically, this 1st year of homeschooling has been quite stressful. I have used the online curriculum only to figure out what she is suppose to learn, purchased workbooks from Barnes and Noble and used the internet to put together our own curriculum. It has been extremely time consuming, but I hated to spend more money on a curriculum for this year. I am hoping to start 7th grade with a new curriculum that hopefully she will like. Also, something I feel confident that she is getting what she needs. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am interested in T4L, but am a little afraid since our last experience with the online curriculum. Also, one more thing she kind of wants to go back to public school for social reasons only. She feels like she is missing out on her friends. She has friends that she has been with since kindergarten that she rarely speaks to now. But she also knows that she will struggle academically due to the dysgraphia. Any ideas on curriculums would be appreciated. thanks for your time I know this is lengthy.

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    Oh goodness, that does sound like a rough first year of homeschooling. I also agree that piecing together your own curriculum is VERY time consuming. I tried it several times before I found Time4Learning and it just worked for us. Thank goodness! Maybe a few weeks trying out for Time4Learning would help determine if she likes the program and does well with it. I also understand that it can be difficult to be away from friends that she's known for a very long time. Is there anyway she can try to reconnect with her public schooled friends? Is there time in your day to day that would allow for any additional outside interests so she can find other homeschool friends?

    I wish I had just the right answers for you. I hate to hear that she's struggling despite being so intelligent. And I'm sure it's difficult to do what you think is best for her (homeschool) when she wants to do something different (public school). I hope you can find someone else that has been down this road before and can give you some sound advice as to what to do next.
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