New to home schooling! please help!
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Thread: New to home schooling! please help!

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    Default New to home schooling! please help!

    Hi i am new to home schooling and my daughter is 7 in the second grade and i just went today and withdrew her from the public school she has been attending since pre-k. I am so lost right now as to what to do, I have the curriculum with time4learning but how do i know that im teaching the correct material that will be on the state test and where do i get that state test? any and all help welcomed. Thanks Amanda

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    There are many different tests available online. Your best bet for getting information on the tests available to you locally would be a local homeschool support group. I am going to move this thread to the NC forums so you can get help from the people who are currently homeschooling in your state.
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    Hello and welcome to homeschooling and Time4Learning! First of all, you can do this, even if it sounds terrifying to get started! I'm assuming you've followed all the requirements set forth by NCDNPE to get started as a homeschool. You've signed up for Time4Learning, so that's covered. Now you just want to be sure you're crossing the t's and dotting the i's. Really, my advice is to just get started with second grade. She'll get what she's supposed to be learning. Determine the number of lessons you're going to do each day and then do those lessons. Read with her, sit with her if you can, participate together in projects.

    There is no state test. There's standardized testing that you are required to administer every year. We test in May, near the very end of the school year. DNPE doesn't say when you have to test, just that you test once per year. And there is SEVERAL different tests you can use. Some are less complex than others (which is what I would recommend for your first year of homeschooling/testing). Once you've tested, you keep the results on file, at home. You don't have to submit them to the state. They just want to know you are keeping proof of records should they request them.

    If there's anything else I can help with, please let know!
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    Default Hey Rockwall! I am in Forney!

    I was so wanting to find someone on here near me! I just signed up today as well. I have a daughter in 3rd grade and I just about freaked out by what she said to me yesterday! I have noticed that the children her age were more "worldly" but yesterday did it for me! I am looking for a local group to try and meet up with because I am soooo lost in this whole thing. I just know my heart says that my little girl should not be hearing whats at school.

    take care and hope to hear from you

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