New to Homeschool....extremely scared....hope this will be a good thing
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    Default New to Homeschool....extremely scared....hope this will be a good thing

    Hello everyone.

    I am very new to the homeschool idea. My step-son has been newly diagnosed with depression and we are working through some medication issues. We decided to take him out of traditional middle school when one of his teacher (math) decided it would be a good idea to tell him "If you think I am going to go over that with you again, you can forget it". Uh-oh, yeah this mamma bear got MAD. We have had a history with his school and due to illness he was held back in seventh grade. He should be in ninth grade right now. I am truly hoping this will be a good thing for him and catch him up to where he needs to be to hopefully be enrolled in the high school in the fall. Maybe if he likes this he will continue.


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    welcome to the site I think that it is hard for any of us that have pulled our kids out of public/private schools to realize that even though we are not professional teachers that we can do just as good if not better jobs teaching our kids then teachers with 30+ in their class.I pulled my oldest out right after 5th grade and had to go back several grades to find the gaps that he was missing. (because he was struggling with new math concepts) it was a great year for him, he got back his confidence and he was a happy kid again. Something that was lost along the way!! Come back and let us know how you all are doing! And if you have any questions please ask, I will do my best answer them
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    It is very normal to be scared! In a way, it really only proves you are a good mama bear because you care and you don't want to mess up. Well, at this point with a situation like this, you are sure to do better for him than the school. Getting him out of that pressure cooker will give him time and space to heal. And it is very possible to continue on in high school if it seems best then. You have time to catch up. One of my children graduated at 16 and the other was almost 19. The best thing about homeschooling is that it can be about what THAT child needs - fitting the education to them instead of the other way around.

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