New homeschooler in Greensboro! (6th grade)
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    Question New homeschooler in Greensboro! (6th grade)

    We are getting geared up for homeschooling for the first time at my house. My now 11 year old son is excited to be able to do this. We are most concerned about finding the right curriculum for him. I would really like to find special ways to help develop his verbal and written communication, but at the same time focus heavily on math. He loves to read and has tested as extremely gifted in that area, however most public schools here seem to overfocus on making sure children read, without focusing on the main point of all of the reading, which is learning how to express yourself verbally and through written words.

    I still know very little about all of this. If anyone has any suggestions for books or general curriculum suggestions, I would love to hear them!

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    Hello and welcome! Homeschooling can definitely seem a bit daunting at first, but most Mom's (or Dad's!) will tell you that it gets a little easier to navigate as you stay the course. I think you'll find most people on this forum are going to direct you to using Time4Learning with your son as this curriculum specific forum. If you've already decided on using Time4Learning, you can stop by the New Members Introduction forum and get ideas there as well!
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