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    Question new to homeschooling

    Hi, I am new to homeschooling this year. I have two children, one in third grade and one in fifth grade. I decided to homeschool after much consideration and research. Now that we have started i'm not sure where to actually start. I also am not sure how to contact or meet others whom are homeschooling in my area. I really want this to be successful for my children and I am really excited to finally get to help my children one on one. Not to mention, I finally get to be with them more than a couple of rushed hours in the evening after working all day. If anyone has any information I would be eternally grateful. Thank you so much.

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    Congrats on taking the step to homeschool your kiddos I took that step 4 years ago and haven't looked back since!! We have a member locator map here on the site, you could put in your town or a city near you to see if anyone lives near you. Another site that has a great resource pages with groups listed is SecularHomeschool, just in case you wanted to pop over there and check it out. Otherwise you should be able to google homeschool group in ?? area and find something!
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    Here are a couple more suggestions for finding local homeschoolers:

    • Ask at your local library. Try the reference desk and also the children's desk if there is one. Ask more than one time if there are different people there. Sometimes homeschool groups will leave literature. If they are amenable to this, you might also leave your name and contact information with them in case someone else asks. The library might even allow you to start a homeschool activity and post it in the library. You might have to show up alone for a while but it could work eventually.
    • NC Support Groups Support group page for Homeschool Alliance
    • Regions - North Carolinians for Home Education Support group page for NCHE
    • The Mommies Network: Your Mom-to-Mom Connection Check to see if you have a group locally. Mine in Union county has a homeschool forum. Even if the group doesn't have a homeschool forum, or it isn't active, it is still one good place to network for other homeschool moms.
    • When you google, try both your city and your county and also any regional names that are used locally.
    • Try checking the large churches in the area to see if they have homeschool groups. Some are members only but they might be able to point you to other groups in the area.
    • Also search Yahoo! Groups - Join or create groups, clubs, forums & communities the same way you google to see if you can find a group near you. Many groups use yahoo as a base.
    • More homeschoolers are organizing via Facebook so that is another place to look if you use that.
    • You might also find a homeschool group on Do something, Learn something, Share something, Change something - Meetup. Sometimes they form and are not active but you can still locate another homeschooler.

    The most important thing is to be persistent and ask, ask and keep asking. If you find another homeschooler that you do not click with especially, you can still help each other find more homeschoolers. Many homeschool groups are hard to find because they either don't have a website or the website is a freebie and therefore won't google well. If you are near a larger area (like Charlotte or Raleigh) you may find you need to travel at first until you connect more locally. It can be worth it to drive an hour or so at least once in a while.

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