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    Wink new to homeschooling

    I have decided to take my son out of public school and want to use an online svc to help with his education. I am very worried about this and do not know how to pick a good school and what questions to ask......Please advise

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    Hi there. First you are looking for an online svc? so you are wanting a online virtual school? Or a program like T4L to supplement his education? Sorry I am a little fuzzy on what you are asking
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    Hi cglenn! Where are you located? I'm in Durham, and this is our first year of home school. My son is 10. What questions do you have?

    I can suggest starting out with T4L as a start. As you go through this first year you'll learn what works and what doesn't for your child. And as you meet other homeschoolers, you'll get ideas. It may be overwhelming with sooo many options out there, start with something simple, like T4L and move from there.

    If you're near Raleigh, the Homeschool Gathering place is a great place to meet people. They have a HUGE amount of resources. It's off of Glenwood Ave. I've been there several times.

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