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    Hello, I am homeschooling my 9 year old son and he is currently in the 4th grade. Can anyone tell me if this program is very successful when it comes to teaching my son ? can anyone please help me also is there any homeschool after school activites available for homeschool students ?

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    Each individual child is different. This program is successful for teaching my 5 year old daughter the subjects presented, but is not enough for her, so I have added another curriculum to cover some things that are not in T4L. You can search on Facebook for groups and activities in your area. There are many homeschool groups on Facebook.
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    Well, everything Rick said was right on!

    We used 4th grade last year and are using 5th grade this year. It's a great program, but like anything, you get out what you put in. I work alongside my son (well, both of them) when learning new things and they work independently for review. As far as local homeschool groups, you'll have to do a quick internet search for your area.
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