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    Hi all . . . I am new to homeschooling. Public schools were not doing what my 6th grader needed. So my biggest question is, does Time4Learning meet NC's public course of study? And I read that the EOGs don't meet the testing requirement, so what tests do?

    So far my child is really enjoying the lessons, and I'm enjoying the ease of it all. I was stressing out trying to put together a curriculum until I found this site. Anyway, thanks for any help you can pass along!

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    Many tests meet the NC requirements. Here is a page with some information for you:
    Waxhaw Weddington Home Educators Are Teaching
    Although the page is local to Charlotte, if you scroll down, they have ordering links. The CAT is easy to administer if you want the cheapest and easiest way to fulfill the testing. We do not have any minimum scores that we have to attain so it is just a matter of doing the testing, nothing to worry about!!!

    As for your first question, homeschoolers are not under any requirements from the start as far as course of study other than the main subjects. T4L fulfills the subject requirements just fine.

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    Thanks Karen for chiming in here Just on a personal note I used T4L as our main curriculum for my oldest now in 9th grade and it worked for him!! I only added the things that he needed help with OR interested him so that he had more to do I hope this helps! And Happy Homeschooling!
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    Thanks, your responses do help. My son is zipping through the 6th grade curriculum, and I told him when he needs to, he can move on to 7th grade. As long as he's learning and enjoying what he's learning, I'm happy! With me being new to homeschooling, I just want to make sure I'm doing everything "right" and that if he ever goes back to public/charter school, that he isn't behind. Thanks again!

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