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    Unhappy New to this~

    So we have decided to homeschool our daughter who will be turning 6 in Feb. She has had some medical issues over the years that have caused us to believe she will be better off being homeschooled. I found the program here (time 4 learning) and we have started that. However I am unsure what else I need to be doing for her. I looked up the NC rules on homeschooling and from what I gather there isn't anything I have to do for them yet, am I right? Not only that I don't know where to begin with teaching her. I am sure every homeschooling mother has gone through the same thing, and hoping I can just find some help and get some guidance as to what I should be doing. Thanks in advance for any help!!

    Just don't know where to start

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    Well, you're already off to the right start! As far as NC goes, you need to send in your letter of intent when she's 7 (so next school year). In the meantime, just do what you're doing...Time4Learning, reading, playing, games, books, etc. It's pretty easy in the beginning (as in early's always a little stressful to start homeschooling) so just spend your time having fun together, doing some Time4Learning lessons together, reading together and you'll be fine.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to post them!
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