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    I'm getting the ball rolling to homeschool next year. My son will be in the 5th grade and my daughter in kindergarten. After visiting the NC course of study site where they show what a 5 grader needs to know in social studies, and then going to a site to look at their social studies books, I'm confused. How do I know that what NC says they need to know for social studies will be in that site's 5th grade social studies book ?

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    A good reference is the" What your 5th grader needs to know" book, it gives you the basics and then you can decide how detailed you want to go with it. Alot of homeschoolers I know, just find out what they need or want to get done and then put together their own history course. By using online sites to make it fun to learn about history, we love the history channel and PBS for shows on history. I have questions that they need to know on like a history notebook and they have to listen for the right answers. (some sites give you the worksheets to download) And of course there is always a homeschooling store in your area to go to and pcik their brains! Remember you don't have to be like the school, that is why alot of people homeschool in the first place.

    Hope this helps~
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