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    Hi everyone So i've made the decision to homeschool my oldest daughter, I know its late in the year but due to "issues" I have decided that homeschooling her will be best for her. I'm new to the whole homeschooling world and would love some input from all the "seasoned" families out there!!!

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    Welcome to the other side! First let me show you some of the links that we have to help with some of your questions, NC home page and the Guide to Homeschooling are helpful to look over.I let you know what we do for my boys but you should know that the first year is ALWAYS full of ups and downs of trying to get down a schedule that works for your family. And finding a local group that you can connect with for social events and classes are always helpful the first year We do everyday, time4learning, music practice, extra math(whatever the boys are working on in T4L), easy grammar and daily grams, all about spelling, SpellingCity,reading books out loud, daily art and writing journals. Just to name a few then through out the week we do a Game Day (at the community center with other homeschoolers, park days, group class for the oldest, swim class, music lessons)We also do some science and history but not on a daily basis!

    AND DON"T BE OVERWHELMED BY MY LIST! its all a learning curve and it took me 4 years to work up to this. Don't forget to de-school her for a bit too, just in case you don't know what that is~ it is where you take time off from doing school. Wait don't run back to school thinking that we are crazy BUT if she has been in school for any amount of time she will need it to adjust the changes (something I DIDN'T do with my boys until 6 months into our school year) You can however do educational field trips, nature hikes, introduce her slowly to an online program(like time4learning) basically you are making it fun for her to learn, start slowly with the adding in of subjects and workbooks.

    Ask me anything else that you might think of and I will do my best to answer your questions;0)

    Happy Homeschooling
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