Newbie to homeschooling in WNC
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    HI my name is Tammy. We have decided to homeschool our daughter who is entering the sixth grade. She has many issues ongoing with her health due to a very rare blood disorder that is a sister to cancer. She has missed to much public school over the past four years and also has fallen behind in her reading because of the chemos, drugs used to battle the disease, and also because of the side effects of her disease called histiocytosis. We have prayed about this for sometime. WE went to visit two public middle schools with her and they were just not right of her at this time. We are hoping by using this program and others that we can get her caught up and let her body heal too. She is remissions for 22 months, but still has minor health issues such as a low immune system, etc. She had alot of extra tutoring, reading teachers, IEPs and 504 plans in school and has been tested so many times I cannot count them as to why these things are happening with her reading, but no one really came up with a sound reason so we have decided to try this route for now. Ty all for letting me just type. I am opened to any and all advice. Thank you

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    SO sorry to hear about all the health troubles of your daughter....I am sure that homeschooling will provide a lot more than an education for you all. Since pulling my boys out of public school (right after kinder and 5th grade) I have two boys that are so happy to be around me and I them!! I think that you all will realize the amazing things and freedom that homeschooling can give to you.

    First thing I would suggest is find a local homeschool group to may not want to take your daughter out for all of the events but its nice to have that option. and the local support of other homeschoolers is in part what makes me know that I CAN do this!

    Second thing is to take it slow. Don't be like me and try to recreate school at home! I did that and we all had to take some time off to regroup about 6 months into it.

    Third thing maybe try deschooling for a couple months or until xmas, again something that I didn't do with my boys and I wished I had. It is basically you making education fun again. Field trips to museum and other fun places can bring that love to learn that our kids had in kindergarten and before! Unit studies on things she has always wanted to try or learn about are great during this time. Maybe even a literature unit study on her favorite book!

    I did all of these and used Time4Learning when we deschooled (6 months into our adventure) because even though I wanted to not do anything but fun stuff. My boys loved the cartoon based lessons so much that it was a plus in my book to continue!!

    I hope that you come back soon and let us know how you are doing!
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