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    Hi, I have been considering homeschooling my son for a few months now. I like being able to be slightly flexible and knowing that he is safe. Other than just normal everyday school worries my son also has a severe peanut allergy and our county does not have peanut free schools. I am already stressing about him attending school and accidentally being given food that he can not have by either another student or a substitute. He is only 4 now and would start school next fall. Does anyone have any advice or recommendations on homeschooling curricumlum, websites, and just general information about getting started? I have started doing "school" with him daily. Right now it's only about 30-60 minutes at a times but I am gradually working him up to more so that he will be on a schedule.

    Thanks for any information/advice!


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    Hi Amanda!

    I suggest using T4L program, when I pulled my boys out of public school it is was I used!! It was so easy for them to get on and do their lessons. then I would make "unit study" ideas for them (for whatever extra they were interested in) Right now doing a snake on for my youngest!

    Here are some links to help you navigate T4L:
    Hints and Helps

    Getting Started Using Time4Learning

    I also recommend looking over Time4Learning's free "Welcome to Homeschooling" guide for all new homeschoolers, for anyone who is just starting out.
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    Amanda, where are you located? One piece of getting started is meeting some other homeschoolers so that you are not going it all alone. Here are two sources to check:
    Regions - North Carolinians for Home Education
    Support Groups | HA-NC
    If you happen to be anywhere in the Charlotte Metro area, I can help a lot with that. I also do Getting Started workshops. You may find this website helpful for some basic info:

    When you start homeschooling from the beginning as you are considering, you simply continue with what you are already doing and add to it as you go along. 30-60 minutes is plenty of time at this age and really at least through kindergarten. Remember that they do a lot of stuff beside "school" at school. Time spent actually learning can be documented in minutes. Homeschooling is one on one and a lot more efficient on top of that. One rule of thumb (and this is a very broad general rule just to give a starting point) is one hour per grade. This does not continue on indefinitely though - only to about 4th grade. Even most high schoolers can get their work done in about 4 hours a day unless they are doing an extremely demanding curriculum.

    Time4learning is a very nice place to start. And if it works for your child, a great place to continue.

    I think you are going to find that you enjoy the homeschooling. If I had a child with a severe allergy, I would not entrust them to an institution. My youngest has Asperger's and if I hadn't been homeschooling already, I would have started with him - different issue but same basic problem. When a child has very specific needs, it is unlikely that a school will be able to meet them consistently and in your case, the consequences of even one mishap are so great that it just isn't worth it.

    I do better at answering specific questions so please continue to ask! Oh, one great website for little ones is this: Starfall's Learn to Read with phonics

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