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    I have a 2nd grader. She is very smart and has loved T4L. I know she is supposed to be tested this year, but I am not sure at what point in the curriculum to have her tested. We started in November because I could not decide on curriculum, but she has almost caught up to where she needs to be. Does anyone have ideas on what test to use and when to test her? I don't know how the whole process works.

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    Hello Megsmom710 Our family uses the Woodcock Johnson test, i like this test for my boys because it isn't all fill in the blanks AND it is given by someone else besides me! But I wanted to give you two sites/pages for you to look at that will answer some questions about the EOG testing for NC and a local homeschooling store's helpful info with all the most common tests! I hope this helps and if you need more info just let me know
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