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    I just started homeschooling this month after withdrawing my son from public school. My question is do I still have him tested this spring if we just started or do I wait until next spring? Also do I need to go to a volunteer review meeting in April of this year or wait until next year when we have done more work? I have looked for this answer but cannot find it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Here is what I found for you, the way I am reading the laws it is yes you need to have him tested but take a look at and see what you think. I pulled my boys out at the end of school so we just did the testing the year after I pulled them out.
    Also I am not sure what volunteer review meeting you are referring to?

    Division of Non-Public Education
    Click on the link above for the page on testing in NC, below are the questions and answers I found on that page for you

    Must my child be tested again even though he/she took a nationally standardized achievement test earlier this school year while enrolled in a conventional (public or private) school?
    Yes. The legal requirement for your homeschool is that its students be tested annually while enrolled in your home school. In this case, the testing was done before the student was enrolled in your home school.
    Must my other child also be tested (when I test my currently home schooled child) after I take that other child out of a conventional school during the current school year and begin home schooling him/her? That other child would have to then be tested before one year from the date he/she first officially enrolled in your home school. That other child would then need to be re-tested annually each year thereafter.
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