Thinking about Joining Time 4 Learning
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    Question Thinking about Joining Time 4 Learning

    I'm new to the Home Schooling World and I live in Washington NC. My son is 10 and is in forth grade and is being bullied so much he hates to go to school. So I decided to finish the year out and start in the summer. I was looking into using the Time 4 Learning because he loves the visuals and hands on things. I also thought of ABeka. What does anyone suggest? Any info would be great!

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    Hi! Welcome to the forum!

    As far as deciding on a curriculum, it really depends on his learning style. I definitely think you should try Time4Learning to see how he likes it. I also have a 10 year old son and while he's never running around saying "IT'S SCHOOL TIME, YAY!", he's much more interested in T4L than he has been other curricula we've used in the past. Abeka is more traditional as the same books that are used in private schools are the books used for homeschooling.

    My 4th grader really likes T4L because we do a lot of projects and experiments and incorporate the supplemental learning activities suggested by Time4Learning. So yes, it's online lessons, but you can add to it to really make the lessons "come to life."

    I'd love to answer any other questions you may have!!
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