Trying to start and confused please help.....
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    Exclamation Trying to start and confused please help.....

    My son is 13 with Aspergers. The past 4 months he has made a complete change and has started being violent, depressed, angry, resentful and refuses to go to school. As a last resort before his therapists are forced to put him in therapeutic foster care I am trying to take him out of the school and begin to home school him. However I am completely lost. I see where I need to register as a new school on the DNPE website but where do I go to have my son take the online courses he needs? I was told they were free except for the end of year tests but everything I see is costing. How do I do the curriculum and is there a certain thing we go by for his grade level so he can work at his own pace until he is ready to take the tests? So many questions and so worried about him. Please help any you can. thank you in advance!!!

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    In the state of NC there are no required curriculum at all. IF you are talking about actually homeschooling; there is a public school at home option out there, but that is something different and I can not personally speak to that one. North Carolina does not require any specific courses online or otherwise, you are free to develop your own curriculum as you see fit, customized to your son, his learning style, levels, and interests. You are required to keep shot and attendance records and take a test annually. There is no specific test by state standards and nobody really cares what test, what "level", or how he does, as long as he does one and you have the record (I know a couple families that never even open the results when they come, they just put them in the folder for the year). The exception I might think of is if your son is recieving additional government based benefits (speach therapy, occupational therapy etc); many of those will have requirements of his schooling, some refusing to work with homeschool kids at all. Good luck!

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