Ok I am a positive person by nature, and I am always looking for the good in everything that I try to do especially with my boys. But just the other day I had a lady(actually my neighbor) tell me that there was no way that I could give my boys the type of education that hers were getting from being in school. I tried to think long and hard about it before I answered as I tell my boys to do. So instead of doing or saying something that I shouldn't say (my rule of thumb if I wouldn't say or do in front of my mom or boys than don't say or do it!) I told her that it might be true that my boys were not getting the same education that hers was getting. In fact, mine was getting exactly the type that they needed from me and what i didn't know I ask someone who does know or sign them up for a class. But the difference I told her that meant the most to me was that they were HAPPY and loved to learn again. Needless to say she didn't have much to say about it after that

Please feel free to share any situations that you have found yourself in since you began homeschooling, you never know what might help someone else make it thru another day! It doesn't have to be about a person that you know, it could be about your kids experience with homeschooling or something in NC that doesn't seem fair to you! Let it out and you will feel better!

Happy Homeschooling~