Hello Everyone!

I just thought that I would share why I am homeschooling and see if it inspires any of you to do the same! I feel that our stories might just help out anyone who is on the fence with deciding to homeschool OR someone who is totally frustrated with it continue!

~ A little background, we have moved around alot with my husband's job so my oldest son had to switch schools 3 times by 4th grade. He was diagnosed with ADHD (by a doctor) and learning disabilities (by the school systems) by 1st grade. So even when my youngest came along I was still helping at his school almost as much as I was at home. Ok I am a little overprotective, so why you are asking I didn't think to pull him out and homeschool him then? I seriously don't know why it took me so long to do it!
Ok everything was going ok for him in school but he was always behind and he had to do homework all night long! But we kept at it up until 5th grade, we worked on everything together, I begged for extra help or just books that I could read to help him get over this hill that we could see the top of it but not quite get over the top. All the teachers, etc kept telling me was practice practice practice which we did. We even did the Sylvan and Learning RX programs in hopes that it would make his life easier once he got thru them, they didn't. The last straw on a very long straw was after buying our last house because it had a great magnet school we could go to. Finally a school with smaller classroom sizes, more programs to help him or so we thought. Things didn't change at this school liked I hoped, my younger one had just started kindergarten and so I was volunteering in both classes again I was there more than at home. I noticed that kids that were like my younger son didn't get any attention at all less then 2 minutes one on one with the teacher (I am serious about this I timed the teachers) in the day! And the other kids that were clearly too advanced got alot and so did the kids with problems. My older son was then in 5th grade and things were going down hill fast for him. The kids in his class actually picked on him so much that I would cry myself a little each day he went and so did he. The really terrible thing was that they didn't care if I was in the room or not, he was fair game. The teachers were doing their best, I guess, but when he finally got barely thru the 5th grade and was applying for the next level in Magnet school, we got reassigned! I tried so hard to get him into this middle school because we had taken the tour together and he had never and I mean never been so excited to go to a school ever before. But we didn't get it in, SO I decided that I was going to homeschool at that point and did about 3 months of research. No one could talk me out of it, not my family or neighbors no one, I was determined to make this work. We are now going on our third year and though it is still tough at times there have been days when my boys just smile all day long because they are happy! I believe that things happen for a reason and I was meant to homeschool my boys, we have found great friends and resources (like time4learning) that help us thru the tough times.

I hope that my story can inspire you to tell yours too, we might have alot more in common then you think!

Happy Homeschooling~