Nd state law starts out saying for ages 7 and up
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    Default Nd state law starts out saying for ages 7 and up

    I'm wondering about the law saying for ages 7 and up then it goes on saying, you need to homeschool for 4 hours a day and what subjects you have to do, but most kindergarten curriculums are about 2 hours a day. How does that apply to a 5 year old. I am moving to nd in a few months and would like to start homeschooling my kindergartener. I have not homeschooled yet so I have no idea on how you start. Do you need to call the schools and register your child so they know when to test them. Who do I call for all these questions I have? Please help

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    You are required to notify the school district, "At least fourteen days before beginning home education or within fourteen days of establishing a child's residence in a school district, and once each year thereafter, a parent intending to supervise or supervising home education shall file a statement, reflecting that intent or fact, with the superintendent of the child's school district of residence or if no superintendent is employed, with the county superintendent of schools for the child's county of residence.
    1. The statement must include:
    2. The statement must be accompanied by a copy of the child's immunization record and proof of the child's identity as required by section 54-23.2-04.2."

    Testing is required at grades 6, 8, and 10.

    I think as far as a kindergarten child you are right in that schooling does not require four hours of sit down work each day. In my opinion you can include such things as walks in nature, exercise, counting spoons to set the table for dinner, helping to cook. There are so many things that are learning opportunities. You are not required to provide a detailed schedule that says you did math from 9 to 9:30 and history from 9:30 to 10. You only have to say that you spent four hours in learning activities and you covered the required subjects. Here is a good link to the law. I think you'll do a fine job. Connect with a good homeschool support group as soon as you can after your move. Best wishes.
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