OK, so raise your hands if you are NOT going back to school? NOT rushing around with one of those lists of a million school supplies that your kid probably will not use? NOT having a melt down with back to school shopping in general? Don't you remember doing all those things before you pulled your kiddos out of school? OR if you were lucky enough to be homeschooling since the beginning, when you were going to school and your parents running around getting all your supplies for school? Well this is just another thing I am so happy that we don't have a set time that we need to run out and get anything!

SO what do you have planned to do for your "NOT" back to school party or get together? We have a Kick Off with our local homeschool groups at the park that everyone brings a dish (AKA potluck) and the kids have fun games to play.

Did you join any fun Co-ops for this year that you are excited about? Find a great support group that you love in your area? Discover a new planner that makes your life of scheduling a breeze? Maybe you are starting to blog about your homeschooling experiences? WELL share them!! (inquiring minds want to know)

Don't be shy just jump in, its a new year so what are you looking forward to this year?