I was wondering if some one could help me. I have a high school diploma that is not recognized as valid. I am looking into my different options and was wondering about possibly taking the Praxis test. This is what I found:How to Qualify for LicensureFor initial licensure in North Dakota, all candidates must:Successfully complete a state agency approved bachelor's level teacher education program, which includes a professional education sequence and general studies. North Dakota requires 26 semester hours or 40 quarter hours of professional education coursework for secondary licensure and 34 semester hours or 50 quarter hours for elementary education licensure.Maintain at least a 2.5 overall grade point average.Successfully complete at least 10 weeks of full time, supervised student teaching in the certifiable area at the appropriate grade level(s).Clear fingerprinting screening for criminal convictions.Receive recommendation for licensure by recent supervisors.Pay all applicable licensing fees.Pass The Praxis Series™ tests for their certification area.For comprehensive information on licensing requirements and testing, please visit the Licensure page of the North Dakota Education Standards and Practices Board.Does anyone know if I can just take the test and use it for homeschool purposes or do I have to do all the semester hours, etc?