Just got this email and wanted to share it!! We love Aurora in our house and I especially love the free!!

I’ve got something pretty cool to tell you about.
You may know about Aurora Lipper (from Supercharged Science) and the incredible free science classes she gives. I heard that a few months ago, she had over 2000 people register for one.
So, the good news is that she’s doing another live video tele-class this week!
You can reserve a free spot by clicking here:
Homeschool Science Education

This class is about light waves and lasers. Kids will learn about everything from
what lasers actually are to how to make rainbow shadows (have you ever made
a shadow that wasn’t just grey or black?).
Plus, during the class, kids will build an actual working microscope!
Register for free here:
Homeschool Science Education

Get this… The class will actually be led by a REAL
Rocket Scientist!

Not only did Aurora complete her Master's Degree in Mechanical
Engineering with a 4.0 GPA and go on to do Ph.D. work at Stanford
University, and work for NASA, but...

…She is also an EXPERT at teaching Science in a way
that is FUN, exciting, and an incredible learning experience
for your kids…

Click here to register for the class:
Homeschool Science Education

I HIGHLY recommend that you register and attend this great free class.

It’s going to be a blast and a great learning experience for your kids at the same time.