I am currently homeschooling a 6 and 5 yr old but I have a 17yr old son that wants to homeschool. He has been in an Ohio public school from 8th to 11th grade. He then attended high school from Sept 2012 until December 21 but did not finish the semester there so the school didn't issue him credit but did provide the exiting grades.

Instead of going back to public school, he'd like to finish off the year at home. I want him to have a high school diploma and he has earned 18 credits as of the end of 11th grade. Will the Ohio homeschooling laws allow me to use his schooling hours from New York as part of his required instructional hours?

I'm having a harder time finding high school information and wondering if someone here can help and guide me as to what my choices are? I'm looking into Connections Academy which I know is not necessarily homeschooling but they are going to require him to take additional credits that he doesn't need just because it's their school's requirement so they can issue a diploma.

How would he get a legal HS diploma in Ohio being homeschooled for 1/2 a year? He has also successfully passed the OGT exams in 10th grade.