After school programs when homeschooling
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    My daughter wants to homeschool. She is sick quite a bit and it causes her to miss quite a few days of school. Which in turn really affects her grades. Right now she just struggles to keep her grade point average where it should be. She is in an agg program at her school that her teacher tells her she can be put on a home study if I take her out of school. My daughter is also a cheerleader and here is the problem. She still wants to cheer but the coach says that if she homeschools she can no longer do this. I thought that in the state of ohio as long as your child is in a schooling program that the state recognizes that you are still allowed to participate in activites like the sports in your school. Am I wrong about this or is the coach just trying to give my daughter a hard time?

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    You probably need to check the homeschool laws.

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