central ohio homeschoolers - high school activities or groups???
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    Cool central ohio homeschoolers - high school activities or groups???

    hi everyone. we've homeschooled off & on for years, and we're back once again. the big difference this year is that our dd is no longer a 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade student - she's a junior this year. yikes!!! anyways, it seems like options for groups & activities always dwindle once a student hits high school - so i'm wondering if there are other central ohio 11/12 grade student / families out there ... and what types of groups do y'all participate in? (franklin, delaware, licking counties??) p.s. - she was very active physically before a medical issue hit & would love to be doing sports or something active, but that doesn't appear to be an option for her right now. thnx for any input, tho'ts, or ideas. have a great homeschooling year! prazgrl. thnx

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    My daughter has been home since Freshman year. She is a Junior now and attended her first dance and Winter Formal last Fri. She doesn't play any sports. We joined homeschoolsocial events.com after seeing an email on one of the homeschoolers website. I live in Cincinnati. Local homeschool groups are a way to meet others in the age group and post what you're looking for. What city are you in?

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