Dayton Public Schools refuse homeschool notification letters
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    Default Dayton Public Schools refuse homeschool notification letters

    Have you heard about this? What do you think?

    There were several families in the Dayton Public Schools district who had their homeschool notification paperwork for the new school year denied by the Superintendent. The reason given was that the teacher's certificate number of the teacher reviewing their student's portfolio did not appear on the paperwork. And the controversy ensued...

    It turns out that some parents were reviewing their own child's portfolio and certifiying the student had performed to the best of their abilities. This is legal - you don't have to get a teacher to sign it - but, this option must be agreed upon by the parent and superintendent in advance. There's a new superintendent this year, and he/she didn't approve of this option, so now parents are not able to review their own child's portfolio in that school district.

    However, there is also no legal requirement that the teacher's license or certificate number appear on the portfolio review. A signature will suffice.

    I know of several people affected by this, and I do believe one of them reported this to HSLDA for clarification, but I haven't heard what became of this issue. Anyone else got an opinion or more information to share...or correct something I said?
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    Default Superintendent

    I talked to the Super yesterday. He was helpful and seemed to have my child's best interests at heart. I can kind of understand wanting a certified teacher to review the portfolio. He is probably certified, perhaps he can do this for them?

    Did the parents ever get it resolved?

    I'm in the Valley View School District by the way. My daughter's in the 5th grade. We start homeschooling Monday.

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    Hi - thanks so much for your input! I really haven't heard much on this since the beginning of the school year. I guess I just assumed everyone worked things out and that was that. It's good to hear you've spoken to the Superintendent and things are good on his end. I'll do some checking and see if I can find out anything new. Thanks again!

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