Help please. Want to homeschool but need some recommendations
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    Default Help please. Want to homeschool but need some recommendations

    I would like to homeschool my children - from 6th grade through high school - but I need advice of how to go about it. I would like to find a resource with a list of textbooks to buy and then teach my kids those textbooks. I know there are people who do this successfully. I have tried to use in the past and it was terrible. They sent about 12 parent manuals for every textbook and there was no timeline or calendar to tell us what was due when. There was no guidance and the amount of material they sent was very overwhelming with about 25 books to cover for one child in the third grade. There was supposed to be an online teacher who would remotely help my son but the only contact he got with this teacher was a 10 minute phone call once during the school year in which she did one word problem in math with him and was not even what he was working on at that point in time. I would like to find a resource that would give me a list of grade appropriate texts and a timeline of state testing / other requirements that I need to accomplish. It would also be nice to have someone my son can email or otherwise contact with questions if there is something I cannot answer. Can anyone recommend anything OTHER than that is good?

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    Default Don't forgo all online resources

    Hi Tillacat! Your K-12 experience sounds horrendous. I homeschooled for 2 years and remember feeling timid going into it. Being bombarded with expectations like that would have scared me away permanently, I think. There are, however, online curriculums that homeschoolers use that deliver everything online but are still every bit as robust as K12. Check out Virtual Community School of Ohio. We have many home schooling families - both Christian and others who homeschool simply b/c they want to become more engaged in their childrens' learning. VCS is the only Kindergarten through 12th grade school that is NOT affiliated with a for-profit management company and has very qualified teachers and an award-winning curriculum. They also have a tight partnership with Ohio Christian University who will be offering Bible and other Christian-based adjuct curriculum pieces for the high school courses this fall (purchased directly from OCU), plus we have a nice College Credit Plus partnership for high schoolers (7th-12th graders) who want to earn free college credit while also completing their high school credits. I happen to work for them, but believe me when I tell you that the administrators and teachers are some of the most committed I've ever seen in this industry. I have only been with them 8mos. Feel free to call us or visit our website if you need more information.

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