Mid-year homeschooling
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    I am new to homeschooling, for the most part and I have so many questions and have no idea where to turn. I am so stressed out and have cried myself to sleep for the past 3 nights. I'm hoping someone here can help me. I have a very long story but will try to keep it short. My daughter is currently enrolled in an online school due to my husband's health, her health and my own. We have struggled so much with medical issues and it is very hard to fit school in to all of this but we have done the best we can and have kept up the best we can. However, the teacher is extremely nasty and although she has told me numerous times throughout the year that she is there to help, I feel it's nothing more than a tag line she adds to the end of every message she sends out. My daughter was in the hospital and although I don't remember the exact words, the teacher basically said she didn't care WHAT was going on with my child, she better still get that work done. So my problem now is, she is continually threatening me with truancy and retaining my daughter. My daughter and I are both terrified that she's going to fail this year, which only adds more stress! So, I guess my main question at this point is (since my husband and I had a huge argument over this last night), can this school keep me from homeschooling my child? My husband insists they can submit something to someone (board or new school) saying she is failing and that will keep me from homeschooling. In 5th grade, I had to remove her at the end of the year, less than a month of school left, due to bullying. At that point, the board told me just to quickly submit my "proposal notification" and start teaching her. Since she had basically completed a full year at a public school, I wasn't required to provide a portfolio or anything. Now that I think about it, I believe that is what my husband's concern is. With her starting high school next year, he believes that her transcripts from the current school will be sent to her new school and they won't allow her to attend. To my understanding, if I start homeschooling her now and do the portfolio thing at the end of the year, is that not what they will look at for next year? I apologize, I know I have been rambling. I'm just so stressed and overwhelmed. I hope that someone can make sense of my rambling and be able to help me.
    Thank you!

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    wow! we're new to t4l & I just saw your post, as well as it's date - so hopefully you got an answer to help you deal with your stress and are now happily homeschooling high school. I saw on another post that there's a special needs board, so if you didn't make it there to find support for this year, you might want to try it. ................... fyi, altho' my husband & I do not have significant medical issues, our dd hit a huge bump in the road last year - and, thankfully, our SCHOOL was great, and worked & revised the her coursework & attendance plan so many times I can't keep it straight. altho' she did get credit for 10th grade (last year), the stress was simply too much and she is homeschooling this year. hope you found a place to plug in! prazgrl.

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