I am coming here as a non-Ohio homeschooler (we are in CA) to ask for help guiding someone who is just starting to HS their child in Ohio.

We have been with T4L for 5 (going on our 6th) year - my daughter is entering 5th grade, and LOVES T4L - but our friends family member is just starting out and whatever they are doing right now is NOT working for them!

Here are some basics on them -

12 year old, entering 6th grade. He has Tourette's Syndrome and ADHD.

Can anyone here - familiar with Ohio HS laws help me?

Can they use T4L as all of his core curriculum, or do they need to have other curriculum? Is it pretty complete in regards to what Ohio requires?

What else do I need to tell them about T4L in regards to meeting Ohio requirements?

Thanks in Advance for any help!!!