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    Hello fellow moms and dads! I have a five turning six year old in a few months and we started the kindergarten curriculum in January. It seems that my little guy is having trouble identifying his letters, despite the wonderful program that is available here. He is learning to read and can pick out words, either by sound or deduction, but has a heck of a time identifying individual letters. A little background, he was a late talker (as in almost 4 when he started talking). We had him tested for everything under the sun and he tested perfectly normal. My pedi said, he is fine and he will start talking when he is good and ready. Well, low and behold, that was true. One day, he just started talking. He also has this thing where he is scared to say the wrong answer although he knows it. My husband and I regularly assure him that it is okay to get an answer wrong, that that is how we grow. Do you think this could be the issue with his disconnect on identifying his letters? Any suggestions for other ways to teach him this? He is acing math and science and has absolutely no problems with it whatsoever, in fact, he is on a first graders level on a lot of those things. Thanks everyone for reading! I wish everyone the best in their homeschooling program!

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    Hi Proud Mommy of Four,

    I don't have any answers for you, but did want to suggest you also post this in the Special Needs forum. You might get more responses there.

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