I am a professional fireworks display operator who will present an ideal enrichment unit for homeschooled kids on thursday evening, June 23, from 7:30 to 9:00 pm, assisted by Dr. Jordan Fantini, chemistry prof at Denison. This presentation introduces the technology, chemistry, history, artistry, and business of professional fireworks for middle school students through adults. Demos will NOT include explosions, but will include burning of the chemicals that produce the spectacular colors in shows.

NO info about how to make things explode---in fact we will present a strong "don't bui;d anything at home" safety message. Handle inert (no explosives inside) proferssional shells, see the mortars from which we launch the shells, and learn how we plan and execute a large professioanl show.

Email me with questions, [email protected]. We love sharing what we know with bright young minds!