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    I recently filled out an home education form and I am going to use the time 4 learning curriculum for both of my boys who are in 1st grade. They told me that they have 14 days to respond. My question is: Can they refuse me to home school? and do I need to unroll them out of their present school? I really don't like them in the school district that they are in and I was wanting to know my rights. Thank you in advance!!!

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    it seems that most districts accept your info if you filled out the correct forms - sometimes they do request more info/details. in ohio i think you fill out: a) an "intent to homeschool" form* - which outlines your intended curriculum & goes to the district office. and b) an "intent to withdraw" form* which is used if your student is already enrolled in the district. (i don't know what you do if you aren't already enrolled.) .... in addition, we also have a homeschool legal organization membership, should a legal issue arise as it relates to our homeschooling. I believe that several of these organizations exist nowadays. ................. *may not be the name of the form in your district. happy homeschooling! have a great year. prazgrl

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