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    I haven't heard back from the school district I live concerning my childs homeschooling, we are logging everything and keeping detailed records, can I get in trouble

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    Default Haven't heard anything back either

    I'd be interested in finding out what happened, did you ever finally get your letter? It's been two months and I've not heard anything back from the school. As I understand it, we're automatically "excused" after the 2 weeks goes by. I made copies of everything and have my return receipt from the certified mail (to prove I sent it, they rec'd it) but I would very much like to have that Excusal Letter, for a variety of reasons, but if for no other reason than I did what I was required to by law, now the school should. People have told me to not worry about it "no news is good news" or they'll say just call the school, but I tend to side with the advice I've read online that it's best to do all communication with the school in writing. Lots of places online say if you've not heard back from the school after 14 days is up, the superintendent legally HAS to give you the excuse and that you should "request it". I'd love to hear some advice on how exactly to word that. One friend told me just to call because a letter will put them on the defense and they'll be more apt to "look more closely at my application." But it's not an application. And I have no reason to fear them looking closely at what I sent in. Any advice out there? Anyone?

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    I was told it would take about 2 weeks. I picked up the packet for my application at the district's main office and she told me two weeks. I found out in days. Two days after they got my "application" (sent registered letter), I got a letter from the office. What surprises me is that they don't even ask you why you want to pull your child out of school. I had to pull mine out, and was surprised I was ok'd so quickly. My poor kid didn't even have time to process what was happening.

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    I've been homeschooling my children for 3 years in Ohio, we did teacher assessments. But we moved to Indiana, and they don't require any type of assessment. So my question is, since we moved back to Ohio, after being in Indiana for 2 years, do I still need to send in an assessment with my childrens notification form?

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