Standardized Testing vs Portfolio State of ohio starting T4L in Feb. 2012
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Thread: Standardized Testing vs Portfolio State of ohio starting T4L in Feb. 2012

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    Default Standardized Testing vs Portfolio State of ohio starting T4L in Feb. 2012

    Since it is already the middle of Feb. I probably will not remove my son from the on-line school until closer to March.

    Standardized Test: What grade level would I do? He is placed in 5th grade (12yo in March)
    but working at 3rd grade level. Contacted C.A.T. they thought order 3rd grade, but someone mentioned that I need to order the grade for his chronologic age. Does anybody know for Ohio? I looked on HSLD, but can't get a definite answer, on T4L he is placed in the 3rd, and working also on the 2nd grade level.

    Portfolio: If I did portfolio, would I only have to show work from the date he's removed from on-line school, or for the whole year?

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    Hello Shari,

    Your portfolio would only need to show his work from the time he was pulled out of school until the end of the school year. Since there is some question about your son's grade level, I would recommend you choose the portfolio option and avoid all the confusion with standardized tests. For the portfolio option, you are only required to show your child made academic progress in accordance with his abilities, or in other words he made progress from whatever level he was previously working at. The standardized test option compares his abilities to all other students at his designated grade level, and it sounds like there is some question about what grade he should be tested for. I think your instincts were on target in contacting HSLDA to clarify this for you, but you may need to call them if you don't find what you need on their site - and please DO verify my advice as being correct before you act on it! Good luck to you!
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