How can the summer be almost over? Where did all that time go? Most mothers are thrilled to hear those three words "Back to School" this time of year, but for homeschooling moms, it's another story! I'm just not ready yet! There's too much to do!

We had a great summer, with camping trips and family vacations, lightning bugs and swimming, you know, all that good summer stuff. But now I need to figure out what we're doing for school this year. I know we'll be using Time4Learning, but I've always supplemented that with plenty of other things. Maybe this time of year is a good opportunity to rehash some old questions...Does my daughter's math curriculum really do what it needs to? Does my son need to review a particular subject before moving forward? Ah yes, it's time to deal with all THAT again.

They're offering some homeschool science labs at the local children's museum, so I think we'll take advantage of that this year. One of the area park districts has some neat homeschool classes too. And my girls will once again be Girl Scouts this year. We're in an all-homeschool Girl Scout troop that stays pretty active and a lot of the activities tend to be on the educational side. Oh, and cheerleading keeps us busy IS football season, right?

So what changes are you making as we all start a new school year? I'd love to hear some other opinions!