loriwi - 03-01-2011, 12:44 PM - permalink
Do any of you add curriculum along with time4learning?
Do you think it's necessary to add more science and social studies at 3rd grade?
Do you think spelling should be added?
What do you add for a biblical base curriculum?

bailbrae - 03-02-2011, 10:14 AM - permalink
Hi Lori. Great question!

I don't add any curricula or anything, but we do supplement. For spelling we use the Time4Learning online spelling words lists and we use Spelling City. You can find a ton of spelling lists there.

We also use those "Comprehensive Curriculum for Grade ___" books. I haven't seen one higher than 6th grade though. They have a little bit of everything in those workbooks. We aren't big fans of the workbooks, but the boys use them when they go see grandparents and when they don't have access to their computers for whatever reason. You can find them in many stores... Wal-mart, Target, etc. But I get mine from Sam's Club because that's where they are the cheapest.

As far as Science and Social Studies goes, we are lucky. Both of my boys have a natural curiosity about history, geography and the like. They will watch the history channel and the discovery channels and give us lists of all the places they think we need to go to learn about stuff. They google things and are constantly asking questions..which we love! We do as many field trips as we can, but we have to pretty much stay local, lol. They think they are going to the next "Mythbusters" so we are ALWAYS doing science experiments!

I'm looking forward to hearing what other members do!