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    My son's education has been nothing but a joke in Oklahoma. Before I moved I talked to a director of Special Education who led me to believe things would be similar to Iowa. Needless to say nobody even thought of doing my son's IEP until January. Then they denied him one. He was keeping up with the class. Which shows how far behind Oklahoma is to other states. He did very well in 2nd grade. His lowest grade in 3rd was a B. But he did not pass the reading test. Despite handing the summer school papers to his principal he was not enrolled and they refused to make an allowance to get it fixed. They told me I basically had to choose my job or that enrollment date. I chose my job and Michael did workbooks all summer. He came home the first day of this last year saying he is in a 4th grade class. They held him back because of that reading test but put him in a 4th grade class. Mainly because over half the 3rd graders failed. No room for another 3rd grade. He has done 4th grade work all year. And has had straight As ALL year. But they pulled him for the 3rd grade OCC tests. Knowing he'd pass because he was a grade ahead. They decided to pass Michael this year. To Fourth grade. Yup despite passing everything on a 4th grade reading level he has to do it all again.

    He was bullied so badly this year. Learning was the only reason he had for school. He hated everything else but loves to learn. He is devastated and is afraid the verbal and physical abuse will be even worse.

    For anyone familiar with Tulsa he goes to a North Tulsa School. Enough said?

    It was so confusing to him and he actually told me if he has to stay in an Oklahoma school he gives up the only thing they care about is the standard tests.

    Michael has Aspergers. He doesn't need meds. He doesn't need pulled out currently. I expect as he gets older he will again. But he has proven he can hold his own. Make it or break it tests freak him out. That is his only issue learningwise. His behavior is a different issue as he is very sensitive but he is not aggressive or disruptive. They told me his diagnosis from Iowa isn't good enough.

    So I found Time4Learning. I literally just set up a schedule for him to start this afternoon. I am a little overwhelmed. I put him in 5th. And if he genuinely can't do it I will drop him. I plan on moving this August out of state but it won't be until the end of the month. I refuse to put him back in Tulsa Public. I originally thought if he can show he can do the 5th grade work via this program that maybe the new district won't make him repeat 4th. Technically accordingy to Oklahoma he repeated 3rd. But did it doing 4th grade work. Its confusing and stupid. He is excited to try this program. Its learning without the bs.

    How do you officially list your child as homeschooled? Do I have to submit anything anywhere? I know right now in summer I don't have to worry but I'm trying to think ahead for August.

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    Oklahoma law does not require parents to use certified teachers or state-approved curricula, initiate contactwith, register with or seek approval from state or local officials, test their students or permit public schoolofficials to visit or inspect homes. If a parent is teaching his children the basic subjects for at least 180 days,the law requires nothing more.

    You will want to send a certified letter to the last school they attended informing them of your intention to homeschool so you do not have to deal with the hassle of being reported to the state for excessive truancy.

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