home school enrollment with custody issues
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    Default home school enrollment with custody issues

    my daughter is 13 and 2 weeks ago ran from her custodial mom to dad (me) and has been in a bad situation at home. first I called her mother after picking her up to let her know and then called sheriff who first said i would have to take her home but further investigating was done with DHS and Sheriff that night on phone and they allowed her to stay with me but wont give me an emergency custody order so I can enroll her in another school. mother is very mean and says she doesn't want her but wants to put her in DHS or Foster care custody rather than my family have her and is bent on punishing her and constantly demeans her and degrades her and claims she is the one and only reason for all problems at home. my question is can i validly enroll her in home school till i get the money to hire an attorney which is expensive and legal aid cant help because of conflict of interest due to mother intentionally killing that option by contacting them first with no intention on using them. they denied her but because she contacted them it closes door for me. Please Help'
    Very Concerned Dad

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    Hi, Dad. I'm sorry you are having legal challenges. Time4Learning isn't a school. We are a homeschool curriculum, so the parent is the teacher of record and directs their student's education. We allow anyone to sign up at any time. We encourage parents to follow the homeschool laws in their state, but we don't oversee that. I would check with your attorney about where you stand legally in regards to making decisions about your child's education.

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