Home schooling at FT sill 3rd grader
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    Default Home schooling at FT sill 3rd grader

    Hello I am in the military at ft sill and I have had the worst experience with the school system here. I wanted to know it there where any others who have home school their children whil in the military and if the schedualing for this program is flexible because I am also a single parent but I can no longer have my son in the school here. he is a straight A student and has never received an award gets picked on by the the teachers every little thing that he does he gets suspended for and I cant let this go on.

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    Hi there. Welcome to the forums! Time4Learning is absolutely flexible, it's one of my family's favorite things about it. Your son can log in and work independently (but you can sit with him if he needs), and he can work at his own pace.

    We have a Military homeschool forum that you might want to say hello in as well, and there is a Homeschoolers in the Military Facebook group that could be a good resource for you too. Good luck with everything!
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