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    this is my first time homeschooling my 12 year old son. he has learning issues as well and im having a hard time setting up a schedule for him so we can get all the subjects covered on daily basis. im really overwhelmed at this point on what is best at this point. also i moved here from arkansas and i cant seem to find what the oklaahoma requires of homeschoolers can someone help me

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    Hi there, and welcome! You're in luck...Oklahoma is probably the easiest state in the country to homeschool. As a matter of fact, Oklahoma is the only state with a constitutional provision guaranteeing the right to homeschool. According to the Oklahoma homeschool laws, there are no specific requirements of homeschoolers. There are suggestions, but no strict statutes.

    As far as setting up a schedule for your son, maybe you could start slowly. Start with one subject a day, then add another as you can. Really get a feel for learning and teaching at home, and getting comfortable with one another. I know you said he has some learning issues; you may want to introduce yourself in our special needs forum, and see if there are parents who can chime in with what works for them.

    Good luck! Always feel free to ask any questions you may have...
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