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    Hello. We have just joined the homeschoolers in Oklahoma. My daughter is an eighth grader and has been attending public school up till now. I have learned this year that she was only checked out an English book for her studies. No History, Science or Math. So all she is exposed to is what the class can learn together in class. She needs a better education, exposed to more information so she can learn more. And if she needs to understand something better she needs to be able to use the books and tools at home to better understand it! Oh but the school does have new bleachers to sit on in the gym. wow. I hope Time 4 Learning will give her more!
    Thanks. Dena

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    Sara Jane Guest

    Question New to homeschool, 7th Grade Daughter, Handling mid-year transfer into homeschooling

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    I'm excited too! I think that we began homeschooling the same date that you did! I know specifically of three things that my daughter is excited to NOW understand that she learned during this first week with Time4Learning!

    How are you going to handle the fact that we're starting mid-year? I want my daughter to do the full 7th grade year. I don't think she learned much of anything during the first semester of 7th grade. All I can think of is to work at slightly faster move through the curriculum, and to carry some of it over into the Summer.

    I will have her continuing at a slower pace during EVERY Summer anyway. I think that our private and public schools should at least give parents an option for year-around schooling. In the U.S., unlike the many nations ahead of our students in academics, do not let appx. 3 months pass by for a break. Our children loose so much competency over the Summer that practically the entire first semester of the school year is review.

    So, I'd love to hear your thoughts on how you are handling the mid-year change to homeschooling.

    Sara Jane

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