public school needs the "boot".
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    Default public school needs the "boot".

    looking for some help regarding my daughters lack of enthusiasm for the public school system. she's not exactly needing help in the school itself but more of a stable way to learn without the many problems she has had to face in the classroom. I've wanted to get her in k12 so she would have a base for knowledge and I'm a SAHM excited to help if needed. she went into pre-k knowing more than necessary for a child her age and now in kindergarten she has fallen so far behind they want to hold her back. they blame me, of course for not making her attend. she doesn't want to be there. the teacher doesn't pay enough attention to fully understand what my child or any other child needs or doesn't seems to care. she's just interested in numbers and behavior. I'd like some input. if any questions please send my way.

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    Much of the input you would get from this forum would lean toward homeschooling. Many of us have had reason to pull our children out of public school (or even private schools) because the schools do not teach to our children the way that our children learn. I ran into a similar problem with my daughter about the middle of 1st grade. Problems with the school were not the only reason we chose to homeschool, but it did contribute to the decision. I hope you can find the right answer for your family. If we can answer any questions please feel free to ask!
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