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    Question Robbed of education

    Hello, I am finding myself at a place where I need to know the Oklahoma law. I know that (to preserve a parents right to educate their child with room for personal choice) Oklahoma has very loose to no requirements on homeschooling. But I need some advice...

    My fianc has a 17 year old son that has had some issues with seizures (last one years ago) and there for has some slow learning/short term memory challenges. He's a bright kid and recalls historic names and events and can educate you to finite detail on challenging video games. It has been explained to me that he started in public schools but was moved to Town&Country then his mother (last school year) decided to "homeschool" him. I have been around during the entire homeschooling season... not ONCE have I seen a book or pencil. He is with us 50% of the time. He now admits openly that he never has done any school work at all and that his mother has "given up on him." His latest EEG from his doctor reflected perfectly normal function and no seizure issues... His doctor says there is not a single "limitation" or "disability" that he has and that he should be in school. When we discuss this with mom, she shuts it down and says "he reads at a 3rd grade level." This is the same woman that has him convinced never to drive a car. I really think she wants him to be dependent his entire life.

    We have 4 other students that are in the public school system and I am daily involved with them regarding their homework and projects, etc. The oldest gets left out because there is NEVER any school related expectations for him to work on. I've never even seen him read unless it was a video game or text message. He's just not asked to.

    While I agree with the right to educated your children in the manner you see fit... we are afraid our son's education has been intentionally discarded and that his limitations are all basically being instilled in him. What does the Oklahoma Law state that could help us require proof that he is being educated... He should be a senior in high school this year looking for a bright future... instead... he has no vision at all. We are trying to help him gain confidence to be independent. It's heart breaking. He turns 18 in December and she is already talking about convincing him to get disability to help pay her rent!


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    Oklahoma requires compulsory education until age 18, but they specifically list homeschooling as a legitimate option, and they do not require a specific curriculum, testing, or interaction with the school district. If he is using a program like Time4Learning, you would not necessarily see pencils, books, and paper.

    Homeschooling is legal in all states, and must be initiated and overseen by the custodial parent.

    Your fiance's son is close to not being of compulsory education age. I'm not an attorney, but once he is 18, I believe any complaints would need to come from him, unless he has serious enough needs that a legal guardian is appointed for him.

    If he applies for disability, they will review his records and it will not be approved if he is not in need of it. If he is not disabled, but simply uneducated, they will point him in the direction of appropriate resources.
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